Ogoh-ogoh Parade Before Nyepi Day in Bali,Indonesia

ogoh-ogoh seminyak bali

Ogoh-ogoh Parade Before Nyepi Day in Bali,Indonesia

visit indonesia- tourist attractions in Indonesia to Bali Last year when we were on holiday in Bali while enjoying a day of Nyepi a very quiet and solemn, and before Nyepi day tomorrow, in the afternoon roads were deserted of car. Many people Bali brings ogoh-ogoh is representative of Banjar them.

what is nyepi Day?

The event parade before Nyepi Ogoh-ogoh is very crowded at all, many hamlets (villages) are participating. Events Paawai ogoh-ogoh is the culmination of the event before Hindus celebrate Nyepi, which prohibited to conduct any activities including eating, cooking, working. Just pray and meditate in silence in the house for a full day.

Parade ogoh-ogoh
is we seen in Seminyak, Bali. If you want to watch the parade please be sure to come one day before the event in Bali, If you come coincide with Nyepi day we can be sure you will not go anywhere and just checkpoint at the airport or Nyepi day.

The right place to watch the parade ogoh-ogoh them in Denpasar, Kuta and Seminyak. this tourist attractions are recomend for all of you. This time I stayed at Fave Hotel Seminyak, Bali tried fairly new hotel and low price close to the ogoh-ogoh parade

I do not know details about the type of ogoh-ogoh how to make and at what cost are definitely very banjar in Bali have joined together to make ogoh-ogoh. They were very enthusiastic to welcome Nyepi Day parade and.

Many who contribute ideas, energy, food, and funds are not small. Of course for us and visitors very berterimaksih the Balinese who highly value their culture and art. As travelers we love cherish and preserve the culture of Bali. So there is nothing wrong if you want to Bali why not fit Nyepi holiday?

the atmosphere is very quiet, clean air. Far from the frenetic atmosphere.


ogoh-ogoh parade seminyak bali

ogoh-ogoh parade seminyak bali 
So let’s visit Bali Now!

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