The Lake Pass Peak Color and Tea Garden in West Java

Telaga Warna Puncak Bogor Jawa Barat

The Lake Pass Tourist attractions in Indonesia – Located at the top of the pass west Java. Saturday Sunday off this time my goal is a lake located in the tourist attraction is located in Puncak, Bogor, West Java tea plantation near Gunung Mas PTP VII. It may be a little difficult for us to locate the lake color.

If you use the car park at the restaurant ” Rindu Alam ” and then you walk up to the entrance of lake colors in a row stalls. 

If you bring your bike can also park at the restaurant or you miss Natural arel brought into the park lake colors through tea gardens. people did not think that there is the shop behind the entrance to the lake color, when tracing the path leading to the lake, we could see the landscape in the form of a tea plantation on the left and right as far as 500 meters. No need to be afraid because the area crowded and underwater beautiful, cool air at the top as well. 

After Passing the tea gardens and up to the counter with ticket  in about Rp.2500 / person you can enjoy a collection of miniature bonsai tree in the front display window. Obviously if you are interested and like you can buy to take home as memories and collections.

When you are lucky enough to find some kind of wild animals, such as mammals, primates, and reptiles. The extant mammals boar. Then the protected primates attraction Colour Lake is gray monkey, Javan, and monkeys. 

You need to be vigilant with your belongings because the apes in the lake the color very much and quite mischievous.

In the lake area a cool color, but can enjoy the beautiful lake you can also play boat, flying fox, and other children’s playground at an affordable price. This area Opening hours from 9 am until 5 pm.

Kebun Teh Puncak Pass Bogor Jawa Barat Indonesia


Kebun teh puncak Bogor Jawa barat Indonesia

Location/information :

Jl Raya Puncak Pass Bogor Jawa Barat

More information.

Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata
Provinsi Jawa Barat
Jln. RE Martadinata 209, Bandung
Telepon  : (022) 7271385, 7273209, dan 7234654
Website  : http//
Email    :
Admission Telaga Warna Puncak :
Sunday – Monday: IDR 2.500- 3.000/ person
lake color at tea top of the tea garden areas in West Java

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