Tropics Water Park, Snowbay TMII Waterpark Imagination Snow in The Tropics

Tropics Water Park, Snowbay TMII Waterpark Imagination Snow in The Tropics

Tropics Water Park – Snowbay TMII is waterpark design like snow or snow in Antarctica. This waterpark one of tourist attraction in Indonesia,waterpark generally true as existing in Indonesia as water boom Cikarang waterpark, Ocean Park, Jungle, Atlantis. Games waterpark snow bay as generally as lazy river or river typhoon, spa zone, Hurricane, flush bowl, tube coaster, toddler zone and a giant bucket

Tropics Water Park Snowbay facilities TMII

  • Lockers (Big and Small)

For lockers system using coins is Rp.10.000, – for all key locker

  • Restaurants (Captain Jack’s Cuisine)

This restaurant serves Indonesian and international cuisine

  • Free tires

For in the current pool and tube coasters and Hurricane. Due to the used tires for free, tires do not need to carry it everywhere or we keep (taken people). When it was used and did not want to wear it again, just put tire, so that other visitors can use it. Later on, when we want to put on the tires again, so just search for just the tires are the idle or used by another person.

  • Cabana

Cabana can rent at varying prices, during the holiday season cabana very full book.

  • Souvenir shop

At the time of exit from Snowbay, will pass Souvenir shop

  • Bathroom and dressing room

For this facility, Although widely available, nonetheless, when crowded, must have felt less and the queue was unavoidable. At least, his dressing room is quite clean and quite comfortable in my opinion.

Tropics Water Park A children’s pool and play ball

The pool is designed for children aged 1 year to 10 years, with drenched ball becomes very attractive to children, but it should be considered and accompanied by a parent need to stay safe awake. Keep your child does not drink the pool water because many contain bacteria such as diarrhea and vomiting.

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Snow bay TMII
water pool child

Snow bay TMII

Snow bay TMII
promo merchant

Snow bay TMII
giant bucket

Snow bay TMII

Snow bay TMII

Snow bay TMII

Tips to Snowbay Tropics Water Park TMII:

Not to SnowBay during the long vacation or early date or when there is a massive discount. Why? as same as other tourist attraction in Indonesia, Snowbay TMII certainly overrun by visitors. Full! if no problems with it so kindly wrote. To be sure, if I personally, do not be satisfied. The cause: a bone of contention tires, long queues, hard to find an empty space to rest, and of course the water is ‘somewhat’ dirty hence the multitude of people who play there.

Location Tropics Water Park

Entry into the complex TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah)most popular tourist attraction in Indonesia, East Jakarta.

For SnowBay to, first of all, I have to go to TMII first. the ticket:

  • Above the age of 3rd = Rp 9,000
  • Cars = Rp 10,000
  • Motor = Rp 6,000
  • Bus / Truck = Rp 15,000
  • Bicycle = Rp.1,000

Once inside TMII, I just slid into SnowBay is located not far from the Main Gate turn left near the gondola station.

Tropics Water Park Snow Bay TMII Information :

Rate ticket in  Rupiah and year 2014


Snow Bay Tropics Water Park

SnowBay Waterpark TMII
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
Jakarta Timur, Indonesia
+6221 877-835-30
Operational hours
9 AM – 6 AM
Ticket Monday-Friday
Adult Rp.120.000; Child (85Cm-115 Cm) Rp.100.000
Ticket Saturday,Sunday
and Public holiday
Adult Rp.150.000; Child (85Cm-115 Cm) Rp.120.000
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