Curug sawer waterfall sukabumi indonesia

curug sawer sukabumi cisaat
sawer waterfall sukabumi

Tourist attractions in indonesia – In Sukabumi, Indonesia there is an attractive tourist destination in the form of a waterfall. Waterfall called Sawer waterfall located at Gedepangrango Village, District Kadudampit, Sukabumi, West Java. Waterfall or waterfall is one of the tourist haven of natural waterfall in Sukabumi whose beauty is hidden neatly because not many people know about it.


Located about 16 km from the city of Bogor, Sukabumi direction or approximately 9 km from the district Cisaat. Road conditions Situ Gunung Tourism Region is paved and can be passed from two-wheeled vehicles to six wheels. The entrance to this area is next to the police station Cisaat in Jalan Raya Bogor-Sukabumi.

There are two paths (on foot) to the waterfall, which is from the camp and from the camp Situ Gunung Cinumpang. If you want a bit of adrenalin, you can take the left lane of the camp Situ Mountain and back through the camp Cinumpang. Path of the camp Situ Gunung quite challenging due to fluctuation in the edge of a cliff. While the paths through the camp Cinumpang relatively lighter, can be reached by motorcycle.


For business accommodation for those of you who will be traveling to this place do not have to worry because existing around the villa and cheap lodging.

Tickets and Parking

Admission ticket is Rp.5000 per person and parking fees
For those who want to have to pay for camping camping Rp. 5000 per day.

Other tours

Tourist attractions in indonesia Lake Situ Gunung with an area of about 10 hectares with a beautiful panoramic view surrounded by hills and pine tree stands. Beautiful man-made lake and is on the mountain


local ticket: Rp.5000
how to go: motorcycle or car
can camp: yes can with personal tent or stay in a villa
personal values: I give 8 to comfort and cool air and quiet to relax or camping

waterfall panorama
view sawer waterfall

curug sawer
tugu curug sawer penuh coretan

air jernih curug sawer
sawer waterfall

waterfall indonesia
sawer waterfall sukabumi

curug sawer sukabumi
track to curug sawer

sawer waterfall indonesia
water from curug sawer

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