Japan Cave in Juanda Forest Bandung Indonesia

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Japan Cave in Juanda Forest Bandung Indonesia

Visit Indoesia – tourist attractions in Indonesia are located in the city of Bandung Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda (Tahura Juanda) is an integrated conservation area between the secondary nature to the type of pine plantations (Pinus merkusil). 

Where is Japan cave in juanda forest bandung?

Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda is part of the Bandung basin area, has a historical background that is closely related to the ancient times to the present. Geologically the area is experiencing changes due to natural fluctuation in the period of formation of the universe. 

Dated March 10, 1942 with the official Indian War Dutch forces dengen its civilian government capitulated to the Imperial Japanese Army soldier with a simple ceremony at London City Hall. 

Omo Goa is Goa addition to the benefit of the Japanese army in the Expert’s defense, which is located not far from Goa Netherlands.

Taman Hutan Raya Ir. Juanda.

How about History Japan cave in juanda forest bandung?

Ahead of World War II , at the beginning of 1941 , the Dutch military activity increased. In the tunnel for the Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP ) Crooked along 144 meters of width 1.8 m , dibangunanlah cave network as much as 15 and a second entrance hallway 3.20 m tall , spacious courtyard that used the cave area of ​​0.6 hectares , and the area around the 547 meters below the cave aisle. 

In addition to military activities , the cave was also used for telecommunication Dutch radio station , because the radio station is in Mount Malabar open air, may not be protected and defended from aerial attack.

Well , to fill this holiday , it would be interesting if you visit the tourist areas in the Forest Park area of ​​North London . Forest Park Ir . H. Juanda , located at the end of Jalan Dago ( Jl . Ir . H. Juanda ) Bandung is located approximately 7 kilometers from downtown.

Channel or tunnel in the form of cave networks in the hills is called Cave Netherlands . At the time of independence, the cave was once used or used as an ammunition depot by the Indonesian army. 

Cave Netherlands today can be entered safely and serve as a tourist place full of historical value. In this place , you can see and feel first hand how the situation in the Netherlands in the cave. It could be to increase knowledge about the history of Indonesia.

Tourist attractions in Indonesia Japan cave are located in the city of Bandung is a historical tour of the hiding place during the Japanese and Dutch colonized appears logical . The air here is cool because it is located in a shady forest. Enjoy your tri and lets visit indonesia :)

Cost – cost Tahura region Juanda:


  • Local Tourist ticket: IDR 10,000
  • Foreign Tourists ticket : IDR 75,000 
  • Tour Guide: IDR 75,000 
  • Rent Motor: IDR 70,000

Let traveled while preserving natural and cultural wealth of Indonesia with a direct view Japan Cave in Juanda Indonesia. Prepare everything early and plan your trip well, Happy long weekend in Indonesia. Happy Travelling to All tourist Attractions In Indonesia, Japan Cave in Juanda Forest Bandung Indonesia.

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