Situ gunung lake on the mountain

Situ gunung sukabumi

Tourist attractions in indonesia in Sukabumi is Situ Gunung including cheap travel that can be enjoyed by all classes. But, is not cheap. Parks Tourism Situ Gunung still be part of the National Park Gede Pangrango in Sukabumi. Located in the tourist area of nearly 100 hectares, much to offer in Situ Gunung nature.

Lake area of 6 hectares in Situ Gunung turns artificial lake. Therefore, by naked eye, the lake looks really natural. In fact, this lake is an artificial lake by one of the Indonesian freedom fighters two centuries ago.

place here can for camping, If you have sufficient funds, tourists can choose cottages are located around the place with price variations between 200 thousand to 350 thousand/night. If not, can choose the camper around the lake at the rate of Rp 5 thousand just for a day and night.

The pristine mountain lakes there are a variety of flora and fauna . Some flora growing in Situ Gunung Among them, Puspa (Schima walichi), Rasamala (Altingia exelsa), Resin (Agathis loranthifolia), saninten (Castania argantea), Gelam (Eugenia fastigiata) , Lemo (Litsea cubeba), and Harendong Cai (Medinela speciosa). As for the fauna there are wild boar, deer, leopards, monkeys, Javan, jaralang, pangolin, partridges and turtledoves.

situ gunung sukabumi

Sukabumi Situ Gunung

danau situ gunung

danau di gunung sukabumi

danau situ gunung

tourist attractions in indonesia

Transport to Situ Gunung tourist attractions in indonesia:

* From Jakarta can take a bus directly to sukabumi (Cost USD. ???) Then get off at the police station then ride public transportation Cisaat red headed into the mountain situ (Cost 5,000).

* From Bogor Station to Terminal Baranangsiang (Rp.2.000) then rose L300 aim Sukabumi (15,000) Decrease in police ride public transportation Advanced Cisaat Red Situgunung purposes (5,000).

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