Tips For Holiday Fun in Phuket

If you from Bangkok, I
recommend also using the flight, both AirAsia, Bangkok Airways (5x a
day), or Thai. Travel overland by bus will seize a dozen
times hour.Phuket Airport is located in the north of the island,
traveling by car is about 30 minutes to get to Patong or Phuket Town. Available facilities airport shuttle

to and from Phuket Town with tickets 85 baht, departs every 1 to 1.5
hour interval once, tickets purchased directly at the bus. If traveling loop, we can take the route Krabi – Phi Phi Islands – Phuket on the boat . Ferry
from Phuket to Phi Phi Don takes about 2.5 hours (including loading and
unloading) and can carry up to 700 passengers in a boat person. Arriving in Phuket Ferry terminal, transportation to the hotel or downtown can use taxi services. Taxi
fare to the hotel beach area is 500-600 Baht (about maybe USD 20) which can
take three people, I would at this rate could be offered on the spot.

is an island of the southeastern Thailand, its name is an adaptation of
the Malay language ‘hill’ since most of a hill contours. As an island, it has several beaches on the west side overlooking the Andaman Sea to the most famous beaches are Patong Beach , in addition to existing Kamala Beach, Karon and Kata Beach. Region
in the center of the island called Phuket Town, the residence of the
local population, while tourists generally choose to live in the area
around the beach. transportation for tourists is quite limited, but if you have a driver’s license can rent a bike C daily. Meanwhile, if the party, tuk-tuk taxis available rate 200 Baht for one trip in the far-near Patong area. Most of us just simply walking distance from the hotel to the beach or to find food.

Phuket Tourist Attraction The
main purpose of tourists to Phuket is a marine tourism, ranging from
sunbathing, swimming and playing water, to water sports. Phuket is arguably the scorching heat is preferred by tourists from Europe who thirst for sunlight. 
has several beaches with different characteristics, there are choppy,
there is a quiet, white sand, but coarse and fine sand was as soft as
flour. If it’s got a lot of the day, take the time to try out each beach there with bikes that can be rented around 100 Baht per day.

Patong Beach

A sloping beach, with the waves is pretty, Patong Beach is the place to visit if you are in Phuket. It was like Kuta Beach in Bali, but no traders and wandering masseur, allows us to calm and free here. Security also seems assured, I could put a bag on the beach unattended while I am free to swim alone. Dozens
lined up on the beach side of the hotel and its surroundings make this
area very crowded with tourists and activity (called 1 square

kamala beach

Kamala Beach

you want the atmosphere of the beach, but a more quiet, kindly way to
the north Patong Beach (tuk-tuk ride properly because quite far from
Patong Beach). Kamala Beach is not so developed , there are not many hotels on the beach side, and also the line is not along Patong beach.

Bang La Road

This road is the proverbial heart of Phuket. During
the day just an ordinary street, but once the sun began to set, the
road is closed to vehicles, wake up and be the center of night life. The road along the 500 meter serves souvernir shops on either side, as well as pubs and go-go bars. Along pool bar with a bunch of scantily clad dancers that may be suitable for men. Invite
a friend who has eyes that can distinguish women’s super original and
imitation, it turns out they are all ladyboy, so watch out not to be
tempted. But you can just sit down sit down to enjoy the music and beer. A bottle of Heineken beer at the bar cost 100-150 baht.

Phuket Island Safari

Safari, like Taman Safari in Bogor Cisarua, is a place to enjoy the
attractions of animals ranging from elephants, monkeys, cow, chicken to
Bangkok. The location is quite far from Patong, you have to hire a taxi or car to get to here. Main attractions are the elephant ride , where you ride on the backs of elephants and enjoy a tour of about 30 minutes. Agency will jolt because the backs of elephants moving the ironing board is not same.Addition we can watch live shows wildlife elephants, monkeys, or riding in a chariot drawn by two buffaloes. Well,
it’s like that in Indonesia it’s just the usual attractions, but in
Thailand successfully packaged and sold to foreigners who have never
felt the atmosphere of the village.

Bang La Road

Simon Cabaret Show

show that is very popular form of cabaret ladyboy (men who have faces
made ​​so beautiful woman) with beautiful costumes, this is roughly what
was shown in
Simon Cabaret Show . Tickets are 700-800 Baht. You
can buy on the spot (but most likely gone, as the incident with me), or
purchased at the travel agent or the hotel where you stay. In one day there are only two shows, at 19:30 and 21:30. It’s
location in Sirirach Rd, to get to here can hire a tuk-tuk (200 baht
For further near Patong area) or walk (my estimate is 20 minutes from
Bang La Road ).

Phuket FantaSea

With the tagline “The Ultimate Nighttime Cultural Theme Park”, Phuket FantaSea is only open from afternoon until evening (17:30 to 23:30). Thursday is always closed, except for holidays that fall on a Thursday.Main attractionnya is Fantasy of a Kingdom , the show that combines singing, dancing, and animals such as elephants and tigers. Do not forget to tuck a message via links from the Thailand Tourism cultural attractions. This shows only one time at 21.00. Make sure you are enjoying the other attractions before here.

Tickets go to Phuket FantaSea is 1500 Baht per adult, and is free to follow all existing show. You
can buy admission tickets plus dinner package for 1900 Baht / adult, ie
dinner as much in the Golden Kinnaree Buffet, a vast dining room with
hundreds of tables and a selection of main course meals, sushi, noodle,
steak, etc.. Buffet price is actually quite expensive, but can be a refuge in times of bored with Thai food mostly seafood.

Setting guests here deserve thumbs up, eg for dinner. Once
we entered the theme park we actually assign numbers directly on the
dining table so no queues or a loss for the dinner table. Then
as the camera must be deposited when watching Legend of Kamala,
penitipannya ongoing process as well as efficient retrieval. Moreover, transport service, thousands of passengers can come and go with a drop point without causing long traffic jams.

Locations FantaSea is near Kamala Beach. To get to here, you have to nego with your travel agent when buying tickets. The official price for roundtrip transport from the hotel to the FantaSea is 300 Baht per person.

Hotels in Phuket

Accommodation in Phuket are varied and many. Want
a cheap guest house of up to five-star level are available here at a
price that could be considered not expensive (in my opinion not as
expensive as Bali). concentration collected hotels in Patong area within a radius of 1 km square. In this area all the facilities available: beach, thai massage, Bang La Road, restaurant, bar, until the pool dancer.

Patong Beach Area

  • Mercure Patong Phuket , the 4 * are generous enough to measure hip Mercure, there are nightclubs in the hotel. Location is far enough away from Bang La Road, but still close to Patong Beach. ( price on Agoda from USD 70)
  • Ibis Patong Hotel , 3 * Ibis quality for less than $ 40 making it a safe option for seeking comfort living .
  • Best Western Sawaddi Hotel , 3 * from USD 40. The
    location is a bit far from Patong Beach, but the price of a hotel with
    the Best Western name can be an option for a comfortable stay.
  • La Flora Hotel , 5 * hotel located on the beach of Patong. The hotel is relatively new and very strategic location. Do not be surprised the price is quite expensive, starting at USD 170.
  • Royal Paradise , 4 * hotel is arguably the best-value (from USD 40). This hotel I have ever stayed. Its location is not on the beach, you need to walk about 10 minutes, but still easy to access and eat. The hotel services are good enough, you may borrow a towel to take to the beach. Breakfast standard.
  • Millennium Resort , 5 * Hotel, located next to the Jungceylon shopping mall and not far from Bang La Road. Starting from USD 120.
  • Holiday Inn Resort , 4 * start from USD 90. Hotel with American standard, nothing surprising.

Meanwhile, budget hotel or hostel on Phuket :

  • Silver Resortel , from USD 20.
  • The Bird Cage Patong Guesthouse , ranging from USD 17. The rooms are basic for only intend to sleep. Internet access is complimentary.
  • Bel Aire Resort Phuket , 3 * from USD 20. One more best value in Patong, price vs. location makes this an interesting choice for Patong area.

Kata and Karon Beach Area
If you want a bit away from Patong, live in the Kata / Karon offers a quieter atmosphere.

  • Karon Beach Resort & Spa , a 4 * hotel from USD 75. The hotel is right on the beach. Of course, beach-view room with a balcony will be more expensive but interesting.
  • Ramada Karon Beach Resort , 3 * from USD 30.
  • Sugar Palm Kata Resort , Hotel 3 * themed minimalist rate from USD 49.
  • Kata Beach Resort & Spa , 4 * from USD 75.

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