Tourist Attractions In Canada Top 5

tourist places in canada

Tourist Attractions in Canada Top 5 , Canada is a country frequently visited by tourists because it has an attractive tourist attractions.Here are some of the tourist attractions in Canada is the choice of the tourists while on holiday in Canada : 

Vancouver City and Victoria City

Vancouver and Victoria are two of the most beautiful cities in the world and clean. The beauty of Vancouver is a beautiful harmony of mountain and sea. We can play golf, sailing, swimming and skiing while in Vancouver. The beauty of Victoria’s busiest port city located on the southern tip Vancouver Island. This small town has a feature that is always calm and charming.

Tourist attractions in Canada Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is divided into three separate waterfalls (Horseshoe waterfall, waterfall Bridal Veil and American) in southern Ontario Niagara River. This large waterfall is located on the border between Canada and the United States, this waterfall is included in the natural wonders of the world.Because of this waterfall sound great, along with the white foam splashing water everywhere makes an impressive sight that attracts many visitors. We can also go sailing and admire the waterfall from close range at the top. In addition, we can visit the orchards and grape production in the Niagara Peninsula region of Lake Ontario or Toronto.

Rocky Mountains

One Canadian tourist magnet is the Rocky Mountains. Mountains with fantastic views stretching from Canada, across the United States, to culminate into Mexico. In the winter, the Rocky Mountains suitable for skiing enthusiasts. Peak is covered with white snow and the mountains are beautiful texture painting tub will make anyone fascinated to see it.

Louis Lake

Louis Lake  is famous for its beautiful clear blue lake . Although measuring about 1 kilometer square , in the view of Lake Louis exquisite . Blend between the blue sky , white gray mountains , verdant trees , and blue lakes make the scenery in Lake Louise difficult forgotten .

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort

Also known as the Jasper Ski Resort offers world-class ski slopes and one of the busiest ski areas in North America. Located near the town of Jasper, at an altitude of 1697 – 2612 m. Mont Tremblant Ski Resort offers a variety of facilities such as ski school, ski rental equipment and a variety of accommodation and restaurants. If you come during the summer, its location near the Park offers hiking or riding a bike. Even a horse riding, mountain biking, paintball, rafting, climbing and much more.

Canada travel adventures also seemed to be so easy . For example, if you choose Canadian Rockies program . With a trip for 11 days , you can travel to various favorite destinations in Canada , such as Vancouver , Kamloops , Columbia Icefield , Banff , Lake Louise , Yoho National Park , Emerald Lake , Last Spike and others.The best time to visit Canada is during the spring , summer , and autumn , or about April to early November. In the spring , you will enjoy views of plants that sprout above the remnants of snow .


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