Travelling ke Cimenyan Bandung | Melihat Pemandangan Lampu Kota Bandung di Malam Hari

Pemandangan Lampu Kota Bandung dari Cimenyan

Travelling cheap does not need much to Singapore or Malaysia . travel destinations more place at here. Tourist attractions in Indonesia to view bandung in the night . 

Here in Bandung Indonesia there are interesting places to see the night view of the city lights , the cold air accompanied Bandung feels fitting for a vacation and becoming a cheap destination. Bandung is not always about Dago and Factory outlets are plentiful .

.. lets see around us that there are many good places. from our neighboring countries . doing well abroad , here is much better Bro. Do not believe it try it yourself and you’ll know that Indonesia is Beautiful

cimenyan bandung

View of the village Cimenyan it was so cool , beautiful city lights , and lots of small stalls providing hot drinks , Tea , Coffee , bandrek , ” bajigur ” . A great time here at 7 pm to 12 pm . Do not forget to bring a sweater or jacket for cool air .

My favorite place is not too over the hill to the moko (bukit Moko). Enough to find a place that is good view and warng I stopped there for a drink . Cimenyan night fitted remedy photographers who want to take a picture view of city lights .

cimenyan bandung view malam hari

Road to Cimenyan Still not good , lighting is still less . Probably Not PLACE BECAUSE Main in Bandung so less noticed, most of the concrete and asphalt Already at the beginning of the road Padasuka Bandung .

The route : 

From the Suropati Straight Continues Towards Cicaheum , Up in the Red Light Padasuka Suropati adjacent to the store . core road take a left .. Now THAT is the way Padasuka .. Just follow the path Cimenyan Police See you , you already close to cimenyan but not as high in the hills moko.

 tourist attractions in Indonesia

Tourist attractions in Indonesia In the village you will find the Travel Ciburial Sundanese culture and honey farms. The location is in the village of Cikurutug , Ciburial village. Ciburial tourist village is a rural area where residents have a tradition and culture that is relatively pristine.

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  • Travelling cheap Bandung area
  • cool air and quiet atmosphere
  • free except for meals and parking
  • cool view
  • fitting for the bored tourist premises FO
  • Two-wheeler / motorcycle
  • Private Car

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